About Migrate Sound
Laurent Jouvin – Founder Of Migrate Sound
A vast improvement to the audio quality of the Clint Eastwood soundbite. You went ahead and “made our day.” Case closed.
Keith B. | Warner Bros.

The team was very impressed with the scope of what we did, and the majority of that was due to you. 
Great job as always!
Eric P. | FOX Broadcasting Co.

Wow! The spot is really great you guys! LOVE what you’ve done with it. Really nice. Thanks again!
John S. MC. | Yellow Shoes

You all are miracle workers!! Thank you so much for getting us the revision today, I really appreciate the quick turnaround. The spots sounded great.
Emmerson M. | TBS & TNT

Thanks again for all the great work. The spots are a huge hit.
Jennifer C. | TLC

You guys are the best!
 Thank you for your patience and your brilliance. The spots sound great.
Lisa A. | Fraser Communications

Thank you Laurent! Pleasure to work with you! Thanks to you and team for all your hard work and persistence!!
Kristina B. | 31,000 FT.