Audio mnemonics are an important part of your business’ overall identity! Think of it as branding for your ears, an audio logo, an acoustic fingerprint that people will hear and instantly recognize. It’s one more way to differentiate your company and stimulate your customer’s memory bank each time they hear your audio signature.

Audio Mnemonics

Does your brand have an audio signature?
If not, you’ve come to the right place.

Your brand is important. Don’t sabotage it with some premixed audio samples that everyone has access to. Because it sounds “cool” doesn’t mean it matches the personality of your business.

Do you want the same sound reference as your competition?
Of course not!

Our team of musicians, sound designers and mixers will create multiple options for you to pick from. All of those options will be carefully tailored to your specifications and your industry. Final delivery of your own audio mnemonic will be done in a timely manner using our private and secure FTP site. No one else has access to those but you. Everything we do is custom and we guarantee an exclusive use of our audio creations to you and only you.

Here are some samples of our work…

Reinforce your brand identity with the use of audio mnemonics. Let Migrate Sound showcase your business professionally and ethically.