Location Recording, Remote Recording, Field Recording


Field Recording

Our recording set-up depends on the project and the overall production needs. We can set up a single or a multi-channel recording. Depending on the project, a mono, stereo, LCR array, or ambisonic signal can be used, as well as additional spot mics if necessary. The configuration will be designed specifically with the post-production needs in mind.


Unless we are producing your project, we would typically deliver the audio in its raw form using uncompressed audio. If we're producing your project, we will start by editing all the recordings together to create the best possible hero take.



We will mix your recording in our world-class production studio, ensuring that the recording is well-balanced tonally and sonically. If mixing a multi-channel recording, we’ll ensure that all mics are mixed together to get the best possible clarity, balance, and sonic quality.

Noise Reduction

Capturing a noise-free recording can be challenging! Noises such as sirens, horns, planes, cell phones, people, etc. can pollute your recording. While naturally-occurring sounds like this might be appropriate, it is possible for us to reduce and even remove them using professional noise reduction software.


We can master your audio to ensure that it sounds great in any environment, from earbuds to a great stereo system, and everything in between. We follow the ever-changing broadcast standards very closely and make sure to always deliver what is expected.


File formats are no mystery to our audio engineers. Using our very own secure FTP server, we deliver final spots following strict delivery specs. Splits and production elements are also available upon request.

We don't subcontract. All work is done in-house by one or multiple members of our team.
All post is done in our very own studio in Santa Clarita, California. We proudly use state-of-the-art audio editing and mixing equipment. Our systems are renowned for their speed, flexibility, and exceptional sonic quality. We offer full compatibility with virtually all open media standards, making them ideally suited to audio and video sweetening projects.
All final audio is delivered via direct download from our private server. We can also use any online transfer services. You name it, we probably have it!
We are Migrate Sound and MIGRATE is our thing. Local, regional, national, even international! We can work anywhere, and are more than happy to go the distance! We are fluent in English, French and Spanish. We will travel anywhere in the world; Hawaii, Tahiti, The Bahamas, Bora Bora... Seriously, ANYWHERE! Please contact us below to discuss your project and get a quote.
We can record up to 6 people on-site and 2 additional people remotely via phone, skype, zoom, ipDTL, Source Connect, etc. Everyone is recorded on their own dedicated audio track which offers way more editorial and mixing options during the production phase. In addition to recording everyone separately, every participant has the ability to tweak their own audio levels, should they decide to wear headphones.
That's a great question! We own many microphones and we use them according to specific requirements and criteria. Some microphones are better suited for indoor versus outdoor recordings. In addition to using the right microphone, there are mic placement and audio processing techniques that will limit the amount or reverbaration being recorded. We also bring sound proofing and dampening material to make sure your recordings are as close to studio quality as possible.
Our regular pricing is $200 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Special pricing for full days and multiple days are availble upon request.