Audio Post Production Studio In And Near Santa Clarita

Production Studio For Hire With An Audio Engineer

If you have an audio project and need a production studio, we have just the place for you. You can rent our studio for a minimum of 2 hours. 300 square feet of pure comfort and cutting-edge technology, our double-sided walls have been acoustically treated to eliminate reverberation and outside noise. We also have a charming and relaxing patio where you can unwind and make phone calls, knowing your production is in good hands. Enjoy hassle-free parking and beautiful mountain views. Whether you need a voice-over demo reel, a radio commercial, or a video piece that needs killer sound design and music, our studio is available. Set-up is fast and easy. Tell us what you need over the phone and we’ll make sure the studio is ready by the time you get here. Minibar is optional ; )


Voice-Over Recording

Acoustically treated, our recording booth is a comfortable working space for talent, engineers, directors and producers. In addition to a TLAudio pre-amp, a wide range of microphones is available, from Neumann U87, Geffel UM92, Sennheiser 416, AKG C3000 to a small lavalier.


 State-Of-The-Art audio Editing And Mixing Equipment

Our production studio uses Fairlight for all their audio recording, editing and mixing projects. Fairlight systems are renowned for their speed, flexibility, workflow support and exceptional sonic quality. We offer full compatibility with virtually all open audio, video and sync standards, making them ideally suited to a wide range of audio and video sweetening post productions. By streamlining our workflows and accelerating our throughput, we know how to give you a competitive edge.


Live Studio Playback Over Secure Internet Broadcast

Your clients can’t come to the studio? Not to worry. We offer live high-quality broadcast of our studio feed to anyone who needs to participate. Say your client does not have the budget to fly in for the recording and/or the production, he can listen in and be as involved as he needs to be, all from the comfort of his own home.

Affordable Media Content & Production

Content production has become a very competitive market. New technology has made content creation and design accessible by everyone. As we enter this do-it-yourself era, Migrate Production continues to always deliver professional production and consulting services at a very affordable price.

Comprehensive Audio File Delivery

Our Fairlight system allows us to encode and deliver every standard digital format. Though final deliveries are usually done with a compressed audio file, we provide uncompressed audio formats as well. Aside from full mixes, stems and mix minuses are available upon request. Finally, the full audio project can be exported into a large number of file formats, including Protools.

Audio Vault

At Migrate Production, we care about every single project we work on. Once a job is completed and delivered, we go through a rigorous filing process. Our files are safely stored on multiple repeating backup systems. With us, you have peace of mind knowing that you can come back a year later with a revision on your last project. Your productions are safe with us!

Make Yourself At Home

Immerse yourself in the comfort of our production studio with this photosphere format picture.