Voice-Over Speed Demos



Speed demos are much more affordable than a typical voice-over demo reel. They start at $150!


We will only produce what you need and provide scripts that fit the specific requirements. Use it to showcase a particular product and target an individual agency and/or project.


With speed demos, you’re in charge. You decide when you need them and how often. You are not stuck with the same outdated demo reel.


Audio production is our thing! In addition to getting some of the best directors in the business, we teamed up with the best sound designers and sound mixers to make your demo sound like the real deal.


Whenever you need something new, we produce it for you and add it to your existing library of spots.

Better Investment

At Migrate Sound, we keep everything in perpetuity. Once we’re able to gather enough voice-over work to build a reel, we simply make a world-class montage to make a voice-over demo that will be remembered.


I had no idea that making a high-quality demo could be something I could afford! Thank you for making it possible for the little guy to get a foot in the door with something impressively produced. I look forward to our next recording session!
KAT H. | Voice-Over Talent

The demo sounds great and I’m really happy with how it turned out as a whole. Thank you for all the hard work.
Chris E. | Voice-Over Talent

I LOVE my demo so much! Thank you!!!
Lili W. | Voice-Over Talent

OMG. Laurent… You really did an amazing job on this one. Really. WOW.
Jeff H. | Voice-Over Director & Coach

Laurent is a total professional and a joy to work with! I highly recommend Migrate Sound!!!
Rick R. | Voice-Over Talent & Singer

LAURENT!!!!! It’s wonderful!!!!! You did an incredible job !!!!! The sound design is truly stellar. Wonderful job !!!!!
Kira H. | Voice-Over Talent

Sounds awesome! Nice work Laurent, really appreciate your patience and help on this thing. Good quality work!
Jeremy T. | Voice-Over Agent

THANK YOU so much for the amazing work on my demo! I was always told that you are the best in the biz, and now I can say I completely agree : ) You are truly gifted!! Merci merci merci beaucoup!
Cissy J. | Voice-Over Talent

Light – $150

You record yourself and send us the tracks. We consult with you, pick our favorite read, and start production. We deliver a final mixed file in mp3 and WAV formats within 2 to 3 business days.

Full – $300

We schedule a recording session in a professional recording studio. A casting director coaches you and gives you proper feedback in order to get the best possible read. We consult with you, pick our favorite read, and start production. We deliver a final mixed file in mp3 and WAV formats.


In this case, I encourage you and your agent to book a live session to make sure the recording is exactly how he wants it. Picking up parts of a recording can end up sounding patchy, so let's get it right the first time! If you need to re-record, you can always do so at a discounted rate.
Yes, we can provide the copy for you or you may come with your own.
We always deliver final mixes in mp3 and WAV formats. We use standard audio specs. Other specific formats and requirements can be delivered upon request. Splits of final spots are also available for an additional fee.
Yes, one minor round of revisions is included in the rate. If bigger changes are needed, a minor fee may be requested.
We try to keep the recording session to 30 minutes or less. Post production will take 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the spot. A typical turnaround is usually 24 hours.
Absolutely! There are 6 audio samples on this page. If you're looking for something more specific, simply ask and you shall receive.
Well, that's easy! If you like everything you've read and heard on this page, call 661 312 1038 or email laurent@migratesound.com. We'll have a brief conversation over the phone and schedule a day for production.