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Yes, you do! The size of your business has no bearing on its quality and professionalism. Whether you have a team of 200 employees or you're the one and only, having a professionally recorded message puts your business in a different category. This level of quality and attention to detail is a testament to your professionalism and dedication.
On-hold programs vary from industry to industry. A doctor may tell you what insurance coverage they accept, while an auto body shop may want to share directions for after-hours drop-off information. Regardless of your industry, there are a few things all businesses should consider including in their on-hold program:

● Tagline or mission statement
● Website URL
● Product/Service and Benefits
● Hours and location
● Social media pages
● Experience or years in business
● Awards and/or accreditations
● Request for referrals
● What sets your business apart from the competition
Of course! In most case, we do recommend the use of music. Music is essential to most productions. At Migrate Sound, we spend countless hours looking for the right piece of music. When the music is right, your audience will go from being interested to being attentive and absorbed into your story or message.
This is a subjective matter and can only be answered comparatively with other businesses providing the same services. We are probably more expensive than those online services. Some of these guys will sell you a fully produced message for $25. That said, we are definitely less expensive than those large Hollywood studios who charge a whopping $350 an hour.
We are a small business in Santa Clarita, California. We care about the quality of our product, and more importantly our clients. We're happy when you're happy and we will do whatever it takes to get you there. Audio is our business and we've been doing it for many years.

Oh and, we will NOT put you on hold!


Of business calls are placed on hold


Of those callers will lose patience and hang up


Of those lost calls will not call back


Additional time callers will remain on the line