Success, one satisfied client at a time.

Testimonials represent a huge recognition of our work and services. At Migrate Production, we work hard to earn our clients’ business and respect. We thrive to deliver the best product we possibly can, and praises are always greatly appreciated.


Here is what people say about us…

“A vast improvement to the audio quality of the Clint Eastwood soundbite.  You went ahead and “made our day.”  Case closed.”
~ Keith B. | Warner Bros.

“The demo sounds great and I’m really happy with how it turned out as a whole.  Thank you for all the hard work.”
~ Chris E. | Voice-Over Talent

“OMG. Laurent… You really did an amazing job on this one. Really. WOW.”
~ Jeff H. | Jeff Howell Voice-Over Services

“Laurent is a total professional and a joy to work with! I highly recommend Migrate Sound!!!”
~ Rick R. | Riso Enterprises, Inc.

“I want to thank you for all the work you put in on the Whiteboard videos – they were very appreciated and received only great comments at Nationals! You made them sound professional. What a difference! I hope I can find room in the budget for more productions such as this one – people were literally saying “we need more things on the USCF website like those whiteboard videos.”
~ Jay S. | US Chess Federation

“Thank you for all the work. It’s been great. The clients have been really happy. We’ve always had great experiences with you and really value all you do to make it a fun and easy process. We’re hoping we do plenty more of these campaigns.”
~ Brian D. | Contravent

“Thanks for all your hard work. Agency & client are very happy.”
~ Bob M. AKA Radio Bob | Radio Bob Resort

“Perfection! They all sounded GREAT… The sfx are SO fun!!”
~ Alexis R. | Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing

“LAURENT!!!!! It’s wonderful!!!!!
You did an incredible job !!!!! The sound design is truly stellar. Wonderful job !!!!!”

~ Kira H. | Voice-Over Talent

“Wow! Nice, was definitely worth waiting for, you guys did a great job! 🙂
It’s night and day from where we started.”
Cristi Q.C. | LatinSpere

“You guys are the best!
Thank you for your patience and your brilliance. The spots sound great.”

~ Lisa A. | Fraser Communications

“You did an outstanding job, Laurent. Thank you!”
~ Sergio B. | Fraser Communications

“Thank you so much. Always a pleasure for us – you are the best!
Thanks for everything. The spots sound fabulous.”
~ Melysa M. | Fraser Communications

“The client loves the radio. Completely happy.
I just played the Service Experts radio to the agency. Lots of laughs.
I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the work you do.
The work is great and working with you is lots of fun.”

Warren L. | Calise Partners

“The team was very impressed with the scope of what we did, and the majority of that was due to you.
Great job as always!”

Eric P. | Fox Broadcasting Co.

“Thank you Laurent! Pleasure to work with you! Thanks to you and team for all your hard work and persistence!!”
~ Kristina B.  | 31,000 FT.

“Wow! The spot is really great you guys! LOVE what you’ve done with it. Really nice. Thanks again!”
John S. MC. | Yellow Shoes

“Thank you for getting this completed today. You guys are rockstars!”
~ Natalé O. | Disney

“You all are miracle workers!!
Thank you so much for getting us the revision today, I really appreciate the quick turnaround.
The spots sounded great.”

~ Emerson M. | TBS & TNT

“I listened to these final mixes and they sound great.
THANK YOU for all of your hard-work in making these spots what they are.
Some incredible creativity and sound design went into it and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it.
You are a true professional and it’s always a pleasure to work with you.”

~ Matt H. | Brunner

“Just want to second everything Matt said.
You both were great to work with and everyone here is very happy with the outcome.
Looking forward to the next time we get to work together.”

~ Jeff S. | Brunner

“The radio spot sounds awesome! The music just added such warmth to it.
Good stuff. Thanks again for an awesome job!”

John S. MC. | Yellow Shoes

“I’m teenage-girl-at-a-Justin-Bieber-concert excited about how good this last round is….. Great job.
~ Adam F. | Engauge

“The website/blog are fantastic. I certainly didn’t expect it to be so robust and beautifully designed.
The attention to detail is impressive — my fave is the social icons on cork.
My compliments to you and your wife. Great job!”

~ Sergio B. | Fraser Communications

“Thanks again for all the great work. The spots are a huge hit.”
Jennifer P. | TLC

“I think the spots sound awesome! I love all the sound effects and music.
Don’t touch a thing I’m going to take these on into the approval process.
Yippee!! Great job!”

~ Hilary G. | Disney

“Thank you so much Laurent!
They sound great! They actually sound better than the tv’s! If only you guys did all of it!”
~ Laura Ann R. | Disney

“Thanks, Laurent!
I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with you and seeing you in action – very impressive : )”

~ Tabitha J. | Fraser Communications

“Awesome, awesome, awesome!
Love the mix! Sounds great. Can’t think of a thing I’d change. Well done! Again…great, great job!”
~ Jed S. | The Marketing Arm

“Thank you so much. Always a pleasure for us as well – you are the best!
Thanks for everything. The spots sound fabulous.”
~ Melissa M. | Fraser Communications

“Sounds awesome!
Nice work Laurent, really appreciate your patience and help on this thing. Good quality work!”
~ Jeremy T. | DPN

“THANK YOU so much for the amazing work on my demo!
I was always told that you are the best in the biz, and now I can say I completely agree : )
You are truly gifted!! Merci merci merci beaucoup!”
~ Cissy J. | Voice-Over Talent

Those are some of the testimonials we’ve received from our clients and partners.
Many thanks to our past and present clients who allow us to live our passion everyday.