Voice-Over Demo Reels



Choose from current scripts and/or have us write copy based on your specific needs. Using current scripts is key! No one wants a commercial demo with a brand that no longer exists, or a promo demo featuring a TV show that got killed last year.


You will be handed a packet of current scripts and we will give you specific directions on how to read them. We will give you some time to practice before the actual recording session. Guiding and coaching sessions are always available in person or via Skype when and if necessary.


Once you've practiced the scripts we gave you, we will schedule a recording session. You have the option to do it in our beautiful studio, or remote using one of our remote patching services. We always record more than we need, and only keep the scripts we like best.

Post Production

Audio production is our thing! In addition to getting some of the best directors in the business, we teamed up with the best sound designers and sound mixers to make your demo sound like the real deal. We have endless amounts of music and sound design to choose from... Literally.


If you don't have an agent, we will help you find one. If you already have an agent, we will work with him throughout the entire process. Your agent will use your voice-over demo reel to promote you and your talent. It is important to keep him involved and get his final approval.


What you do with your demo is up to you. A voice-over demo reel is an investment. We will share clever ideas on how to use efficiently. Also, don't forget our special package: a demo & a website! The best sound designers and graphic designers have teamed up to make you sound and look good!


It was a pleasure working with you on my narration demo, it turned out great!
Paula T. | Voice-Over Talent

Thank you for making me sound on point and relevant. Beautiful sound design.
Keri T. | Voice-Over Talent

Thank you Laurent for such a wonderful demo. I cannot thank you enough. The mixing specifically has received many compliments from my agents!
Alan A. | Voice-Over Talent

Thank you for the incredible work you did on my demo. I (and my agents) are so happy with it!! I'm so excited to have this in my arsenal of booking tools now.
Marie W. | Voice-Over Talent

Oh my God Laurent! It is absolutely amazing! I love the wide range of voices, and the sound effects and music in the background put it over the top! I love it!
Kirsten F. | M.Ed.
Yes I Can Unity Through Music & Education, Inc.

I’m grateful to have had you engineering my demo. Thanks for making me sound so good!
Lyn M. | Voice-Over Talent

Thanks Laurent. The demo sounds amazing! I especially liked what you did with Toyota. The sfx and timing were great. Nice job!
Elaine C. | Casting Director

THANK YOU for the wonderful work you did on my promo demo. Working with you was an incredible experience, and the demo was produced beautifully thanks to you.
Kelley B. | Voice-Over Talent

Laurent!! Thank you so much! I love what you did on my demo!!
Ashley A. | Voice-Over Talent

Thanks for the quick turnaround. You’re a true pro!!!!
John M. | Casting Director & Voice-Over Coach

Fantastic job with the mix of music. It really elevates the reel!
Alison D. | TV Host & Lifestyle Expert

These are GREAT!!! Thank you so much!!! I love ‘em!
Dan H. | Voice-Over Talent

Thank you so much for all your work on my demo. I so appreciate all your input, ideas and... adjustments to my notes. I am very happy with it!
Lisa K. | Voice-Over Talent

Thank you for the fantastic narration demo you put together for me.
Kendra H. | Voice-Over Talent

You make the whole process seamless. So appreciate your professionalism, excellence and expertise.
Heidi R. | Voice-Over Talent & Radio host

I LOVE IT. The gavel bang, the crowd noise, it’s all fantastic!! Thank you for your expertise and effort. I don't even have words to express my gratitude.
Scott G. | Voice-Over Talent

My voice-over demo reel sounds great and I’m really happy with how it turned out as a whole. Thank you for all the hard work.
Chris E. | Voice-Over Talent

I LOVE my demo so much! Thank you!!!
Lili W. | Voice-Over Talent

OMG. Laurent… You really did an amazing job on this one. Really. WOW.
Jeff H. | Voice-Over Director & Coach

Laurent is a total professional and a joy to work with! I highly recommend Migrate Sound!!!
Rick R. | Voice-Over Talent & Singer

LAURENT!!!!! It’s wonderful!!!!! You did an incredible job !!!!! The sound design is truly stellar. Wonderful job !!!!!
Kira H. | Voice-Over Talent

Sounds awesome! Nice work Laurent, really appreciate your patience and help on this thing. Good quality work!
Jeremy T. | Voice-Over Agent

THANK YOU so much for the amazing work on my demo! I was always told that you are the best in the biz, and now I can say I completely agree : ) You are truly gifted!! Merci merci merci beaucoup!
Cissy J. | Voice-Over Talent

Production Only $1,000

In this package, we offer consulting advice from beginning to end. However, you are in charge. You provide your own scripts and record yourself. Once we get the tracks, we'll add custom music and sound design. We provide a full stereo mix in WAV and mp3 formats. Splits are available upon request.

Direct & Produce $2,000

We take care of everything, all you need to provide is your talent! We will write scripts for you based on your needs. After a short time of practicing, we will record you and decide which spots to produce. We will add custom music and sound design and deliver a full stereo mix in WAV and mp3 formats. Splits are available upon request.

With Picture $2,500

Voice-over work isn't just for radio. Have you thought of television? Get your voice on a hot TV commercial or a network promo. The procedure is similar, we just add a visual component to attract a broader network of potential clients.

Demo & Website $3,000

A voice-over demo without proper marketing is useless. Get your demo produced and your website designed, all from the same group of people who want you to succeed. No third-party involved, producing your demo and designing the tools you'll need to promote yourself is all done in-house by experienced and talented professionals.


Most people have a good enough voice to do commercials, BUT...

The fact is, you need more skills than just a great voice to make it in a career as a professional voice talent. Acting ability is paramount, as is your reading skills, personality, communication skills, ability to take direction, and control your vocal range. So, the first thing to do is to get an acting class. Once you're comfortable with speaking behind a microphone, get your demo reel and look for an agent.

Again, a great or unique voice is only part of the battle.
You should have a separate demo for each format of voice-over. Each demo should be a minute to 90 seconds in length. There should be 8-10 small segments of commercials tightly edited together. Decide for yourself what you'd like to do before you start. Those are the various formats available:

– Commercials
– Promo
– Trailers
– Animation
– Narration
– Radio & AC (Adult Contemporary)
– Political & PA's
In this case, I encourage you and your agent to book a live session to make sure the recording is exactly how he wants it. Picking up parts of a recording can end up sounding patchy, so lets get it right the first time! If you need to re-record, you can always do so at a discounted rate.
Yes! We work with many voice-over agencies and can put you in touch directly with voice-over agents. In addition to being represented by an agency, you may also decide to list yourself online. It's a lot of work and requires a constant presence with lots and lots of auditions! Here are a handful of sites to consider, should you decide to go that route:

The Great Voice Company
Voice Talent
Realtime Casting
Voices 123
Voice Casting Hub
Voice Bunny
Voice Jungle
Yes, we can provide the copy for you or you may come with your own.
We always deliver final mixes in mp3 and WAV formats. We use standard audio specs. Other specific formats and requirements can be delivered upon request. Splits of final spots are also available for an additional fee.
Yes, one minor round of revisions is included in the rate. If bigger changes are needed, a minor fee may be requested.
Our typical turnaround is usually 1 to 2 weeks depending on current workload and project specs. That said, we always try our best to deliver as soon as we possibly can. There's no need to let projects linger for any length of time.
That's a good question. Producing a demo reel when you're not ready is just wasting your money. We can put you in touch with various agents and directors that will give you their fair opinion. Those are completely unbiased people with lots and lots of experience in voice-over. They can tell you if you're ready, and ways to improve if you're not.
Absolutely! There are 6 audio samples on this page. If you're looking for something more specific, simply ask and you shall receive.
Well, that's easy! If you like everything you've read and heard on this page, call 661 312 1038 or email laurent@migratesound.com. We'll have a brief conversation over the phone and schedule a day for production.