Custom Studio Design For Home Recording Studio



Choosing the right space is a crucial aspect of studio design. The space required must be as quiet as possible, and away from any potential noise in your home. Stay away from the kitchen, the garage, and pick a small confined area.

Acoustic & Sound Proofing

Once we decide on a space, we must use acoustical material to sound proof your room. Any recording must be clear of any potential bounce. Walls must be padded with proper foam panels in order to eliminate room sound and echo.

Audio Equipment

Yep! That's where it gets interesting and possibly expensive. You can quickly spend a fortune on audio equipment but you don't have to. I can get you set up for under $1,000. Technology has made a huge leap in the past 10 years and audio gear has become much less expensive.


Audio Recording & Signal Processing

You may have all the skills necessary to be a successful voice-over talent but it won't help if you don't know how to record yourself. Learn about physical acoustics, basic operating principles of microphones, metering and operating levels, compressors, limiters and noise gates.

Sound Design & Music

George Lucas once said “Sound is 50% of the movie-going experience.” Finding the right sound effects and the appropriate music is an art, especially when the choices are limitless. Be creative, imaginative and always keep the style persistent.

Audio Editing

No matter how good you are, you will always have to rely on the power of editing. The "perfect read" from top to bottom does not exist. Learn post-production techniques from the best professionals in the industry.

Audio Mixing

Then comes the mixing stage. Learn how to balance your separate tracks with audio levels, equalizers and filters, reverberation and signal delay, plus some special suggestions to make sure your final mix always pops.


Audio Formats

There is a plathora of audio formats being used nowadays but only a few are industry standard. In addition to knowing all the different audio formats, it is important to understand the technical variants of each of those formats in order to deliver the proper files to your client.

Online Hosting & Publishing

Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. Whether you produced an audiobook or a podcast, learn how to upload your audio to the proper channels, while paying attention to strict audio specs and guidelines. We will give you plenty of options based on your product and goals.

Advertising Options

Give your audio content wings with acute marketing. We extend our consulting services to include a comprehensive look at digital marketing and promotion of your audio content. Product placement, cross-promotion, collateral advertising, possible monetization, advertising reads vs. dynamic insertions, etc.


When I moved and needed to build a new recording studio, Laurent helped me transform a dirty old pool cabana into a luxurious, professional studio about which all my clients rave! Plus, the cost was completely manageable. Thanks to Migrate Sound for the excellent service. I highly recommend them.
Glenn S. | Voice-Over Talent

Laurent Jouvin & Migrate Sound are terrific. Laurent set up my home studio in no time. He came to the house, created a sound perfect studio and taught me how to use everything. I can be tech challenged, but Laurent's calm manner and sound skills were exactly what I needed – Highly recommend!
Holly P. | Voice-Over Talent & Copywriter

My consultation fee is $150 an hour. Depending on the project, it may be more beneficial to estimate a total cost as opposed to an hourly rate. Call or email to request a free estimate.
Absolutely not! It all depends on what you need. I can design a custom setup to fit the requirements and make sure you stay within your budget.
Maybe... If your computer is within 3 years of age, you should be OK. If not, I will strongly recommend a new one, Mac or PC.
Once again, it all depends on what needs to be done. If we're talking about just audio equipment, it can take a couple days. If we're doing space study, audio acoustic and sound proofing, it can take a couple weeks.
Absolutely! A lot can be done over the phone and Skype. I can set all the equipment in my studio and ship it to you, or walk you through the entire set up via Skype.
Size is not important. The layout and construction specs of a room determine whether a space is suitable for a recording studio or not. Sound proofing and acoustical enhancement are essential to a good recording studio.
Well, that's easy! If you like everything you've read on this page, call 661 312 1038 or email We'll start with a quick conversation over the phone or in person, and determine the scope of your project.